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10 Years of Night Sky Photography in the Desert National Parks of Iran (CC)

A talk by Amir Shahcheraghian
Night Sky Photographer, Night Sky Glory

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About this talk

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Amir Shahcheraghian’s homeland Iran is located in the Alpide Belt, a seismic and orogenic belt that includes an array of mountain ranges extending for more than 15,000 kilometers from the Alps to the Himalayas.

The Alpide Belt and Desert Belt of planet Earth intersect in Iran. So, more than 60 percent of Iran’s land has a dry climate and is home to magnificent deserts such as the Lut Desert and Dashte Kavir, which is utterly dark for night sky photographers.

Different cultures live on the border of desert national parks in Iran, and they believe a lot in the night sky. Combining their culture with the night sky is always interesting for Amir, and it can narrate the incredible story of indigenous people. Due to the particular weather conditions of Iran, stargazers and night sky photographers have a chance to witness more than 300 clear days and nights in a year.

Join Amir for a photographic journey into this amazing place for the night lover in us all.

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Amir Shahcheraghian

Night Sky Photographer. Traveller. Ph.D Renewable Energies.

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